Sister Electra

“Minimalism; the excuse of the lazy “
Sister Electra is the brainchild of musician/producer Stefan Eriksson and, despite the electronic approach to the sound; his own musical roots were originally within punk and heavy metal genres. It was in the late eighties he was drawn towards the electronic music scene.Throughout his career, Eriksson has been involved in an impressing amount of different bands/projects, released records and toured around the world. He is also a frequently hired musician for both live and session purposes. During the second half of the nineties he was a part of The Collective Unconscious, a trance-electro-techno constellation that both released own tracks but also delivered remix work for different labels, e.g. Stockholm Records. For ten years (2000-2010) Stefan Eriksson was a member of the iconic band Arcana, the very flagship of the Cold Meat Industry before the band chose to part with them a few years ago.

For approximately ten years Mr Eriksson runs the Spider Studio in Eskilstuna, Sweden from where he serves as a classical studio wiz – involved in song writing, producing and mixing/remixing for clients of various genres. Despite this kind of commissioned work, he still finds the time to be involved in six (6!) different bands and the gothic rock act Brotherhood is to be considered the most successful one, to date.

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