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April 13 2019



A truly fantastic evening with Melotron, Knights and Strange Tales on stage. Romo Night spin records all night.


Event: Facebook


Lars Falk – once a member of classic Twice a Man and solo records during the 80s and 90s.
Always critically acclaimed and headstrong.
4-track digital release.





Bittersweet melodies from Strange Tales, back on track again. Started in 1985. If you enjoy classic synthpop in minor key.

Strange Tales will support Lustans Lakejer at Pustervik Feb 9th.
Welcome to a truly bittersweet evening.

Event: Facebook



First song of 2019 from The Hidden Man. Enjoy.


Best of 2018

Thank you Cold war nightlife. Place nr 7 on best records 2018.





Special Black Friday deal.

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Vinyl + free Ladies T-Shirt and badge.

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The Hidden Man – Man of tomorrow

Electro cold wave from the north. A blend of classic EBM, electro and classic synthpop with a twist, made for the dancefloor.

Releasedate 2018-11-23

A remix-EP will see the lights in a short while.

Digital Album –  Streaming + Download

Some great reviews, thank you!

Blå Måndag:
Our favourite podcast show. Listen to the review (Swedish).

The Electric City Club:
“could this be Sweden’s 21st Century answer to the
‘Some Bizzare Album’? Of course”

Cold War Nightlife:
Fans of electronic music will find a lot to
like in this Romo sampler.

Zero Magazine8 of 10

Release Music Magazine: 8 of 10

Head over to Soundcloud to listen to snippets from the album