Best of 2018

Thank you Cold war nightlife. Place nr 7 on best records 2018.

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The Hidden Man – Man of tomorrow

Electro cold wave from the north. A blend of classic EBM, electro and classic synthpop with a twist, made for the dancefloor.

Releasedate 2018-11-23

A remix-EP will see the lights in a short while.

Digital Album –  Streaming + Download

Some great reviews, thank you!

Blå Måndag:
Our favourite podcast show. Listen to the review (Swedish).

The Electric City Club:
“could this be Sweden’s 21st Century answer to the
‘Some Bizzare Album’? Of course”

Cold War Nightlife:
Fans of electronic music will find a lot to
like in this Romo sampler.

Zero Magazine8 of 10

Release Music Magazine: 8 of 10

Head over to Soundcloud to listen to snippets from the album