The story actually began back in 1979, when Tobbe met Kalle in the 5th grade, 11 years old.
Our interest in music brought us together listening to Robert Palmer, Bob Marley, Pretenders & The Vapors. In 1980 we heard John Foxx, and in 1981 Depeche Mode – and we immeditely hooked up with this futuristic sound. In 1984 we bought a BOSS DR-55 drum-machine, borrowed a Roland CS-5, overdubbed a tape time after time and made some covers. In may 1984 we made our first gig, with covers from DAF, The Twins and Human League.

Same year we met Jonas Berg, and our band Etage took off. In 1985 we changed name to Strange Tales (taken from a Smash Hits story about Depeche Mode). In 1987 Tobbe dropped off, Kalle and Jonas changed name to The Rhyme and closed down in 1989.

Kalle became a known video-director and Jonas a known photographer. Tobbe started Romo Night in 1996 with Tony Ersborg. A club that became the biggest in norhten europe within the genre of synthpop, ebm, new romantic & electro. Also a part of the SAMA-festival that were active 1998-2007. Romo Night closed down offically 2007 and we born again in 2012. Bands like Human League, Second Decay, Karl Bartos, The Twins, Welle Erdball, Covenant, Client, Elegant Machinery, De/Vision, Robert Marlow, Melotron, Boytronic, Mesh, Rational Youth, S.p.o.c.k etc etc were booked and we won prize for best club in Gothenburg in 2003.
During these years, Kalle, Jonas and Tobbe kept contact and both Kalle and Jonas we´re regular Romo Night guests.
During the summer 2017 we started Romo Night Records, a record label dedicated to the music we love. Our first album will be a sampler with 10 acts, both known (under new names) and new acts. Our idea is to put out a number of samplers with 10 new acts on gatefold coloured vinyl with download-card with extra remixes. Strictly limited to 500 numbered copies worldwide – no stream or cd. Snippets will be uploaded to our Soundcloud. Not only samplers will be released, there will be seperate releases with artists and also re-releases of classic album that never been released on cd.
Feel free to contact us if you are an artist/producer and into our music.
Releaseparties will be held in Gothenburg, merch and other stuff will soon be online. Hope you join us.

Electronically Yours!

Tobbe, Kalle, Jonas